3060516 Greystone 1.5 Quart Saucepan Moneta

Product Description

Simplify cooking with the Greystone Sauce Pan by Moneta. Reheat soups, cook sauces, grains, and blanch vegetables in this pan. Featuring Artech® Stone non-stick coating inside and out, the Greystone cookware has a beautiful, natural stone look. Artech® Stone is extremely resistant to scratches and provides ideal heat distribution for evenly-cooked meals. The Energy Saver logo appears to indicate optimal cooking temperature and disappears when cookware has cooled and is safe to touch. The Greystone line is ideal for every home chef.

  • Limited Lifetime Household Warranty
  • Moneta. Made in Italy since 1875.
  • ARTECH® STONE features four non-stick coating layers: A reinforced base coat, a medium layer of mineral particles and anti-adhesive molecule composite, a marmorized polymeric matrix system and a final top-coat containing high release properties
  • Stick handle features the Green Leaf Energy Saver logo which will appear on thermo-chromic flame guard when cookware has reached optimum cooking temperature. Heat can be lowered when leaf appears and cookware will maintain temperature.Bakelite handle remains cool to the touch 
  • Dishwasher-safe, hand washing recommended
  • Thermo-chromic flame guard on ergonomic, bakelite stick handles
  • Made of 3.0mm forged aluminium
  • Resistant to scratches, wear and tear, and metal utensils
  • Oven use up to 300* F
  • Compatible with most cooktops (not induction compatible)
  • Engineered to endure consumers "bad habits" in the kitchen
  • Can be used with coordinating product 764516 6.75 Inch Flat Glass Lid
$ 25.47 $ 41.99