13685401- Nova Induction 10 Inch/ 2.25 Qt. Saute Casserole

Product Description
NOVA INDUCTION Sauté Casserole Pans are provided with flat tempered glass lid with a soft-touch bakelite knob designed to rest a spoon.  Sauté Casseroles are available in 2.25 Quart (10 Inch) and 3.75 Quart (11.5 Inch)sizes The Sauté Pan features soft-touch bakelite ergonomic side handles with twin block double fixing system, exterior black satin non-stick coating, 3.5 mm thick aluminum body, Protection Base interior coating and Ferromagnetic steel base perfect for induction, excellent on all other cooking surfaces.  Maximum energy efficiency, enormous versatility.  All items from the NOVA INDUCTION line feature an all around consistent thickness for a perfect diffusion of heat.  The conic shape prevents warping.
$ 104.99