3064328 - Greystone 11.5 Inch Wok

Product Description
GREYSTONE Wok features soft-touch bakelite ergonomic stick handle.   GREYSTONE is energy saving with the heat indicator logo on handle flame guard. 

Greystone has the natural stone look and easy to use performance that makes cooking joyful! The Greystone line features Artech® Stone non-stick coating inside and out. Artech® Stone is extremely resistant to scratches and provides ideal heat distribution for evenly-cooked meals. The Greystone line by Moneta holds it’s strength in the ability to endure “bad habits” of consumer cooking. This line also includes our Energysaver feature on all stick handles. When a green leaf logo appears at the base of the handle, it indicates that the desired cooking temperature has been reached and therefore it is possible to lower the heat as the temperature will be maintained by the cookware. When cooking is complete, the leaf will disappear when the cookware is safe to be touched and cleaned.

$ 51.99