6080124 - PRO Protection Base 10 Inch Fry Pan TRY ME SPECIAL!

Product Description

TRY ME SPECIAL $29.99!!  REGULAR $69.99

PRO Protection Base offers a wide assortment of fry pan sizes to meet diverse cooking styles and needs.  The cast-steel long riveted handle features a silicone grip which guarantees ergonomic function. Exterior coating in brushed aluminum featuring a protective film which prevents oxidization and makes it dishwasher-compatible. Interior coating with Protection Base techno-surface and a microcrystal film that seals the matrix.  The PRO Protection Base line features an aluminium body with a consistently even thickness of 3.5mm for perfect heat distribution. Fry pans are available in 10 inch, 11.5 inch and 13 inch sizes.

$ 29.99 $ 74.99