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As September is a time when many students and teachers head back to school, we thought it would be the perfect time to end our social media hiatus and return with Back to School tips for you. Reduce your morning stress by implementing a few (or all) of these suggestions:

  • If breakfast is difficult to cram into your busy schedule, you'll want to put the Pop-Tarts back in the pantry after you check out this Buzz Feed article for easy, delicious, portable (and healthy) breakfast solutions. 
  • Place shoes next to backpacks in the evening, they'll be easier to grab on your way out the door
  • Create a dedicated study or homework space in your home, away from distractions
  • If you can't create a dedicated study space try to study in the same space daily 
  • A dry erase calendar is a great reusable way to track assignment deadlines
  • Use a timer to keep your student on track. Dollar Tree has a great selection of in-stone kitchen timers that work well for homework. 
  • Offer assistance with homework help when necessary 
  • If screen time becomes a problem consider investing in a time locking container to hold electronics until homework is completed 

We're wishing you success in the 2017-2018 school year! 

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  • Whitney Bashaw
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