About Us


A brand that made the history of Italian cookware.

The history of Moneta began over 130 years ago and, ever since, it has been part of the everyday lives of generations of families, becoming a symbol of Italian excellence in the kitchen.


A brand that made the history of Italian cookware.

1875 - the brand is established in Milan Italy and quickly becomes a household name.

1920’s - Moneta products reach the international markets within Europe.

1960’s - pioneers the first application of non-stick coating on Moneta cookware.

1986 - the Moneta brand becomes part of the Alluflon Group. New production technologies drive its expansion and product performance.

1996 - early leadership of the international quality and sustainability certification standards.

2008 - pioneered the original white ceramic coating on the market, culminating in the creation of a new category within cookware.


The products

Moneta offers a wide assortment of cookware with various designs, style and finishes in both non-stick and ceramic coatings in order to meet consumer’s needs and preferences.



Constantly at the cutting edge of technology, with focus on our development of Eco-friendly solutions and research of better performing materials.



Our distinctive approach builds its foundation in advanced technologies, user-friendliness and Italian style. Every detail is a result of meticulous development, yet each product looks and feels immediately familiar as if it always existed.


We are the first brand in terms of presence in Italian Households

One family out of five (5) uses our products.


Now available in the U.S.A.

In July of 2015, Alluflon/Moneta teamed up with Range Kleen Manufacturing to make Moneta readily available to the U.S. market. Range Kleen is thrilled to have Moneta join our brands as not only a reputable and reliable product for the U.S. consumer, but bringing Italian style, innovation and design. Moneta joins Berndes Cookware to deliver quality, value, innovation and a heritage of caring for the consumer to the U.S. market.


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