Azul Gres


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AZUL GRES.  For a tasty, healthy and sustainable cooking experience.  Beyond its charming look, AZUL GRES by MONETA provides full gratification to those who approach the kitchen inspired by a healthier, more natural lifestyle.  In virtue of this new generation of non-stick ceramic coating, its surface is truly anti-adhesive (non-stick) hence guaranteeing long-lasting, low-fat cooking.  Its distinguished gradient affect is an invitation to experience new tones of inspiration in the kitchen.  On the same token, its innovative features deliver undeniable technical benefits.  AZUL GRES is furnished with the ENERGY SAVER® device which is a precious instrument to avoid over-heating and energy waste.  Handles feature thermo-chromic flame guard with green leaf logo that indicates that the desired cooking temperature is reached.  Therefore, it is possible to lower the heat as the temperature will be maintained by the aluminium body.  FINEGRES non-stick porcelain ceramic coating consists of inorganic composites and natural solvents (alcohol and water only) without any presence of nickel and/or heavy metals.  Its shiny, non-porous surface guarantees a long-term release unprecedented among ceramic coatings, even under intense and stressful usage.  FINEGRES non-stick porcelain ceramic coating is PFOA, PTFE AND NICKEL FREE.  AZUL GRES comes with a Limited Lifetime Household Warranty.  MADE IN ITALY.

Azul Gres

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